We love to offer the best of Sicilian cuisine.


Every Sicilian dish holds traces of the myriad cultures present in Sicily over the years. We have been influenced by Spaniards, Greek, French, Arabs, Normans and others. Our cuisine represents a complex fusion of all these different cultures. For this reason and also due to our beautiful Mediterranean location, Sicily offers a great variety of fresh and amazing ingredients such as fish and seafood, tomatoes, aubergines, pistachios, cocoa, citrus, almonds, grapes, capers and many others – Such ingredients are perfect for creating delicious memorable dishes.



Courgette, provola and herbs muffins

Sun-dried tomatoes, provola and basil muffins

Peppers, provola and rosemary muffins

Mozzarella and balsamic tomatoes mini tarts

Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and Sicilian pesto mini tarts

Roasted peppers and black olive tapenade mini tarts

Parmesan basket with mozzarella, tomato cherries and pesto

Parmesan basket with aubergines caponata

Parmesan basket with roasted peppers and cappers caponata

Large selection of cheese truffles (minimum order 20)

Mozzarella, basil and tomato skewers

Roasted peppers or Cherry tomatoes bruschetta

Black olives crostini

Mini sandwiches with cheese and cucumber

Vol-au-Vent with wild mushrooms, leek and béchamel sauce

Vol-au-Vent with asparagus and béchamel sauce

Gorgonzola mousse and walnuts Tartlets




Smoked salmon and mascarpone mousse tartlets

Tuna, cappers and cream cheese tartlets

Cherry tomatoes and anchovies mini tarts

Vol-au-vent with salmon, leek and béchamel sauce

Vol-au-Vent with prawns, courgettes and saffron sauce

Smoked salmon and cream cheese mini sandwiches

Tuna, sun-dried tomatoes and cappers mini sandwiches

Prawns, rocket and seafood sauce mini sandwiches

Mini cheesecakes with salmon mousse and caviar

Mini cheesecakes with tuna mousse and cappers

Oysters with red caviar

Scalopps with lime and ginger mayonnaise



Smoked Pancetta and pea muffins

Salami basket with mascarpone cheese and chives

Bresaola basket with ricotta cheese and herbs

Parmesan basket with Parma ham and rocket

Luxury Meat sandwiches selection

Mini rolls selection with Parma ham or bresaola or salami

Parma ham and melon skewers



Fruit skewers

Mini panna cotta with berries

Mini tiramisu

Luxury selection of chocolate truffles

Mini chocolate tart

Mini fruit tarts

Mini strawberry cheese cake

Tiramisu cupcakes 

Selection of cupcakes (lemon, orange, vanilla, chocolate)


All our fresh ingredients are locally sourced and seasonal. Extra virgin oil, balsamic vinegar, spices and nuts are from Sicily.